From The Unedited Mouth of Ali

Ali Craig

(And yes it can really be unedited)

Sometimes with our brands and our lives, we get a bit too polished for our own good. We end up communicating our hearts in ways that don’t connect with others or ourselves, but in our mind, it sounds slick, smart, and that we are uber successful.

Well, we have lots of polish for the brands that hopefully doesn’t go to the slick side and stays on the smart side of connection. But I know for myself sometimes the final copy doesn't communicate the rawness that my heart and soul feel about the work.

Here is the rawness.

If I could share my story and purpose in any which way - this is it.

It is my mission, passion, and soulfire® to be real about the human experience. To share the true stories that life creates in Godsmack beauty and awe-filled loving way for the creator black sheep of the world. (you know who you are.)

Call it my creator's brain, but I have always seen how to move people into a deeper human experience. How objects, colors, sounds, stories, spaces, and energies play together to heighten or hurt the story the experience and in turn the larger relationship at hand.

And though I have always known that I was a creator - aka someone who sees what is not there and can birth it into the world. There was a season in which I denied my creator ways because the “norm” didn’t see the brilliance.

But though I could deny and hide my creator spirit for a season, there was no denying that I was a “black sheep.” A “black sheep” in my family, society, school, and life - that was always obvious. The idea of social protocol, rules, and “just because” was never a mindset I could get my heart or mind around. (And I went to Catholic school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The struggle of not fitting into organized anything was real on a daily basis.)

That is why no matter what I do, if it is helping an author share their story from their best selling book via Girl With Drive Press, one of our television projects, a new brand birthing into the world, or a simple note card from The Adoration Society everything I do is for the other creator black sheep of the world who desire for the human experience on an authentic, real, and relational levels.

My goal is to show the truth about being a creator black sheep in this day and age of online influence and constant income generation. Through all of my sister companies and brands collectively as well as the individual projects my goal is to create an experience that allows the creator black sheep to pause, breathe, and realize that the hole that they have always yearned for that right human connection and to be understood is now filled. (even if it is just in a small way.)

That’s me. That’s Ali Craig.